Nursery decor idea
The nursery room is one of the most important rooms of a house when a new baby arrives.

At first it seems a very simple room to decorate: a cot, a change table, space for clothes, a few decorative items and voila.

A nursery room is far more complex to decorate. Furniture not only needs to be beautiful but safe and functional, some items can be borrowed or hired because they will only be used for a few months, paints needs to be low or zero VOC to make sure they will not harm your little baby. Toys need to be safe and encourage the development of your baby.

It’s also very important to consider possible allergies when decorating a baby’s room.

The color scheme you choose for your nursery needs to be comforting and promote a sense of well being, happiness and peace because will contribute for good sleeping nights. This doesn’t mean that color choice needs to be always pale or soft.

A nursery room should be comfortable, functional, beautiful, safe and healthy, it should grow and change with your child, and be that special place where love, peace and happiness are shared.

Bespoke furniture can make the most of the space, it can bring magic, is unique and it can be an expression of your style. It is certainly something to consider.